Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy is a pregnancy that takes you by surprise. This surprise may make you feel really happy or in most cases it will make you feel really sad and shocked. You will feel definitely feel anxious about your future and how you will react to this kind of a reaction depends on yourself. But you have to understand that this is a period where you have to be patient and where you have taken some wise decisions.
Decision Making: Are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you have two options. One is an abortion. The other one is accept the pregnancy and have the baby. Then you can raise the child by your own or you can let some to adopt your child. This decision is very crucial in your life and you have to think twice before taking the decision. Your financial situation, your values, social realities, relationship with others and their reactions affect your decision. So it would be better if you can seek some advice before taking the decision.
An abortion: If you really don’t want to be pregnant then abortion seems to be a quick solution. But it really depends on rules, cultural values and your personal principles. At the same time there can be lost of both physical and mental risks related to an abortion. Especially in society where abortion is illegal, there are still some illegal places where they carry out the operation. But due to the lack of facilities in these places there is a high risk of infection and even with death.
Risk of birth defects: The critical part of the baby’s growth takes place during the initial stage of the pregnancy. In an unplanned pregnancy, the mother actually does not know that she is pregnant. So since she is not taking enough nutrients for the fetus, there is a risk of slow growth of the baby. If the mother has a lifestyle of consuming alcohol or smoking, there is a high risk of birth defects as well. So in an unplanned pregnancy a special care has to be taken of the fetus.
Parenting and adoption: When a unplanned pregnancy occurs there are many ways that you can look at it and there are any solutions for your problems, specially for single mothers. The couple can decide to raise their unexpected baby together or the single mother may decide to raise her baby on her own. Adoption is a good solution for single mothers instead of an abortion. This is a good solution for couple who does not have babies as well. You can either follow open or closed adoption methods.
In any culture a baby is considered as a gift. So even during an unplanned pregnancy you will start feeling for the baby after the shock. So never take quick decision because you may suffer during your life time because of that. The society has developed so much that you have more than one solution for your problems. Think twice and decide the best thing to do because you are dealing with a new life.

Friday, 21 July 2017

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